Why should you choose OUT of the BOX Executive?

Quite simply, “Out of the Box” is our philosophy. It’s how we think, the way we engage, the opportunities we help create and, our collaborative approach to problem solving.

  • We challenge the status quo
  • We help you see and create possibilities, and build your confidence to explore
  • We guide you to strategies and future pathways for you to take charge
  • We test you to dig deeper and find solutions that are better for people, the planet and your bottom line!

Achieving optimum performance for boards, executives and businesses is always our goal. We do this through professional mentoring, facilitation and performance and development programs.

Jo is known for her optimistic, energetic style and has been affectionately coined the ‘positive provocateur’.

Jo Plummer


AICD Fellow; MBA; Master of the Boardroom

Known for her optimistic, energetic style, Jo has been affectionately coined the ‘positive provocateur’. Jo is relentless in her drive to focus on and positively shape the futures of the organisations with which she is engaged. Her trademark is aligning customer and community expectations with sound commercial, social and environmental outcomes.

Jo is a highly experienced business strategist and has worked across large commercial corporations, Small Medium Enterprise (SME), government and Not For Profit (NFP) environments.

Currently her portfolio includes numerous board and committee chair roles including:

Chair – Barwon Water & various committees (since October 2015)
Chair – Vic Water (NED since December 2015, Chair since Dec 2017)
Chair – Barwon Asset Solutions (from December 2017)
Chair – Geelong Regional Football Committee (Chair  February 2016 – June 2020, Deputy Chair since June 2020)
Chair – Advisory Board – Deakin MBA program (since July 2017)
Chair – AICD Geelong Regional Advisory Committee (since May 2020)

Neil Plummer


GAICD; MBA; Master of Science; Climatologist

At Out of the Box Executive, we won’t rest until we can help you find solutions that tick all the boxes (pardon the pun)…. Better for people, better for the planet, and better for your bottom line. Only then do we believe optimum performance can be achieved!

Neil is a climate expert and helps boards, businesses, and executives to develop strategies that avoid costly climate risk exposure and critical economic, social and environmental transition opportunities.

Tamara Madjeric


Behind every great service, is an even greater Program and Administration Coordinator!

Tamara’s previous experience in senior executive assistance, office management and help desk management means she is a consummate professional in solving problems and making things work. Since joining us in 2017, Tamara has been the centre point of everything we do, and it is a privilege to work alongside her. Whatever help you think you need, the best place to start is always with Tamara.



Out of the Box Executive has experience in, and works across, many sectors and industries. But no one person or team ever has ALL the answers, right? When we need high level technical expertise outside of ours, or we just need more ‘shoulders to the wheel’ to support the work we do, we have many trusted ‘professional friends’ whose expertise and high quality work we draw upon.